Two sensors in one

Confocal Microscope (CFM) and White Light Interferometer (WLI)

KFM_cyberTECHNOLOGIEScyberTECHNOLOGIES introduces a new addition to the family of area sensors. Along with the 3D white light interferometer and the 3D confocal microscope the new sensor combines both technologies in one assembly. A revolver turret is populated with interferometer and microscope objectives. The user takes advantage of the superior height resolution of the WLI technology down to 0.1 nm. For surface measurements and investigations that require more topographical information a microscope objective from the turret is selected and the user switches to the confocal microscope mode.

– Combines 2 technologies in 1 sensor
– Benefit from high resolution WLI technique down to 0.1 nm
– Use CFM for rough and structured surfaces,
– Scanning z-axis with 50 mm, 100 mm or 200 mm travel
– Revolver turret with CFM and WLI objectives
– Available on the CT200 and CT300 platform