NEW: CT 300 with confocal line sensor

The very successful CT300 from cyberTECHNOLOGIES is now available with a new confocal line sensor. The new sensor excels in its extremely fast data acquisition rate. As a consequence, precise and accurate 3D measurements are now possible on large samples in a very short time.

CT 300 with confocal line sensor by cyberTECHNOLOGIESThe confocal technology of the sensor is based on the principal of chromatic aberration. Simultaneously, 192 minute light points are focused on the surface. At a data rate of 2kHz the sensor collects 384.000 data points per second.

The sensor is available with four different objectives with a z-resolution form 20 nm to 320 nm. The measurement range in z-direction goes from 200 µm (smallest objective) to 3,9 mm (largest objective). The width of the line varies from 0,96 mm to 4,78 mm in correlation with a point distance from 5 µm to 25 µm.

Interlacing scans allow the user to create a 3D raster of the sample with 1 µm lateral resolution.

The x and y axes use fast and accurate magnetic line motors to move the sample beneath the sensor. With 318 mm travel in x- and y-direction the CT 300 provides a large measurement area.

Due to the multi-sensor technology, several sensor heads can be combined with the line sensor to create a flexible, fast and universal measurement system.

The software Scan CT developed by cyberTECHNOLOGIES combines system control, data collection and analysis in a single operator friendly user interface. 3D raster with up to 400 million data points can be scanned and analyzed. Scan CT offers complete 2D and 3D surface analyses as well as the new surface parameter according to DIN ISO 25178.

An outstanding software feature is the software AScan. This software package enables the user to create automated 2D and 3D measurement routines. Running AScan, the CT 300 can also be used in production. Measurement data are collected fast and without user interference for maximum repeatability.