Transparent films
and coatings

Our optical systems are ideally suited for
measuring transparent materials (i.e. flux or epoxy)

Transparent films or deposits such as flux or epoxy are difficult to qualify and quantify. While certain materials are invisible for microscopes or AOI systems, our measurement systems can differentiate between several surface layers.


Surface of LED devices

  • Measurement of multilayer films (up to 4 layers)
  • Distance sensors can measure surface and thickness

Flux deposit

Surface of a flux deposit

  • Volume, height and area measurement on transparent deposits
  • Reference area can be underneath deposit or an outside area


Contour map of coating area on an electronic component

  • Thickness measurement of conformal coatings down to 2 microns
  • Different interferometer types for a variety of materials


We can help you finding the right measurement system for your application and budget needs.