The aim of our company is to ensure a forward looking, customer oriented service – beginning with research, planning, procurement and manufacturing all the way through administration. We concentrate on ecological, customer and socially oriented innovations and services.

All our business partners will subscribe and commit to these principles. Our partners will become an integral part of our organisation and share in the overall benefit. Within our lean organisation we create a pleasant atmosphere and provide performance based compensation. This has positive consequences for the free development of the individual team members and their skills.

We are convinced that our loyalty to our customers, employees, partners as well as to our community, nation and the World Community will have positive effects on providing sustainability and prosperty.

We have ensured that our policy, is appropriate to our purpose, includes a commitment to meeting our customers’ expectations, includes a commitment to continuous improvement of our quality management system, provides a framework for setting and evaluating objectives, is communicated and understood within cyberTECHNOLOGIES GmbH, and is evaluated for its continued appropriateness.