CT R200

A non-contact profilometer for
high-speed measuring of round parts.

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Key features

High-Speed surface measurement on round parts

A build in rotary stage, a 200 mm x-axis, and an automated z-axis for accurate measurement on round parts.

Sophisticated software

The system software SCAN SUITE combines SCAN CT for individual measurements and data analysis with the automation module ASCAN. Based on the latest programming technologies the system control, data collection and analysis are combined in an operator friendly user interface.

For diameters from 5 mm to 200 mm

The system rotates the sample and collects a highly accurate profiles along the inner and outer diameter.

User friendly design

The combination of fully integrated software and hardware is designed to make it easy and fast to obtain accurate and repeatable results.


The CT R200 is a non-contact profilometer with a rotary stage, a 200 mm x-axis, and an automated z-axis. The round part is placed on the rotary stage, the x- and the z-axis move the sensor close to the surface of interest. The autofocus routine then positions the sensor in the optimal distance to the surface. The sample starts rotating and the system collects highly accurate profiles along the inner and outer diameter. Using the automated x- and z- axis, different diameters on the same part can be scanned. The confocal sensor can measure with a data rate of up to 20 kHz. A scan of a 100 mm diameter with a lateral resolution of 5 microns takes 7 seconds. The height resolution of the sensor is 10 nm at a measurement range of 300 microns. The sensor is mounted on the closed loop x-axis. In case the roundness of the part exceeds the range of the sensor, the x-axis adjusts the distance to the part automatically in real time during the scanning process. The height reading is a combination of the calibrated x-axis signal and the sensor height readout.
  • Fast and accurate 3-axis scanning system for round parts
  • Measurement speed: 14 kHz
  • Precision rotary stage with torque motor and 0.0001° resolution
  • Magnetic linear motor with 200 mm travel in x, lateral resolution 50 nm
  • closed loop control and autofocus function
  • 50 mm motorized z-axis, resolution 1 µm
  • Inner diameters from 35 mm to 200 mm
  • Outer diameter from 5 mm to 190 mm
  • Chromatic white light sensor
  • Resolution 10 nm

Application examples

Roughness measurement of an engine part

 Defect on a transmission shaft

Diameter of a turbine part


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