Non-contact and fast surface roughness measurement
according to international standards.

The benefits of using a cyberTECHNOLOGIES`s system are non-destructive and fast roughness measurements. Measure even wet or pliable parts and surfaces that are hard to access.

Glas, Mirrors, Wafers

Head-up display automotive

  • WLI is ideal for smooth and super smooth surfaces
  • Wafers, mirrors, glass etc.

Glas surface with scratch

  • Resolution in z down to 0.1 nm
  • Lateral resolution in down to 0.23 µm


Surface on a copper surface defect

  • Find defects or particels automatically
  • Measures height, position and size of defects
  • User independent and accurate defect qualification

Contour of a copper surface defect

  • Automatic detection of defects using 3D edge finding
  • Surface waviness compensation algorithms

Electrical contact surface

Gold surface

  • 400 µm range, fast scanning speed
  • systems equipped with the confocal microscope (CFM) are well suited for rough and highly contoured surfaces

Roughness of an electrical contact surface

  • CFM Scan with 100X magnification, 0,23 µm lateral and 1 nm height resolution
  • 2D and 3D roughness, material ratio


We can help you finding the right measurement system for your application and budget needs.