Solutions for
surface metrology

Our systems are widely used for a variety of applications
in industry and science.

Application Overview

cyberTECHNOLOGIES offers high-resolution, non-contact 3D measurement system options to the microelectronics and other precision industries. Our systems are widely used for a variety of applications including thickfilm measurement, flatness and warpage measurement, surface roughness measurement, coplanarity on leads and bumps as well as the measurement of transparent films and coatings. Please select the specific application below to see further details.

Thickness & Thickfilm

Controlling the thickness of electronic devices or measuring film thickness is essential.


Non-destructive and fast surface roughness measurement according to international standards.

Total thickness variation (TTV)

Measure absolute thickness, thickness variation (TTV), bow and warp.

Flatness measurement

Flatness measurement is required for a variety of components including wafers, optical and mechanical parts.

Coplanarity measurement

Our optical systems even measure materials with different reflectivities  (i.e. BGA and flip chip bumps).

Transparent films and coatings

Measurement of  transparent films or deposits such as flux or epoxy.


We can help you finding the right measurement system for your application and budget needs.