Total Thickness
Variation (TTV)

Thickness measurement in production processes
and material testing is becoming more and more important.

The CT T Series of cyberTECHNOLOGIES is designed for measuring top and bottom side of parts like wafers, substrates, or other mechanical parts. The system measures absolute thickness, thickness variation (TTV), bow and warp, and with an adapter plate to the system can be used as a standard surface measurement system.

Silicon Wafer

3D Thickness Map of a Silicon Wafer

  • Fast and accurate thickness measurement over large areas
  • Total Thickness, Total Thickness Variation, Warpage, Bow, Stress

Fuel cell

3D image of the front and back-side a Fuel Cell Anode

  • double-sided waviness and parallelism

  • Sub-micron thickness accuracy from 10 µm to 80 mm total thickness

Solar cell

2D profile of front- and back-side Metallization Layer

  • Accurately aligned top and bottom scans
  • Collect and analyze, top-, bottom and thickness data


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